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Conscious Corner BY ANN offers building blocks for a more connected and compassionate world. Our mission is to empower individuals to cultivate a more conscious relationship with Self, others and Mother Earth.

 CC offers a space to remember and embody your birthright of freedom and choice by transforming judgement into commitment.

About Ann - Founder of CC

As a lifelong ballerina and bodyworker, Ann is passionate about love for Self, others and the Earth. Her mission is to remind you of your / life's potential through compassion and curiosity with an open and light energy.

Ann has over a decade and a decade of fulltime experience teaching in the field of human consciousness,  over 1500 hours of certificates in Yoga / energy psychology and an academic background  in Public Policy (MA) & Business Communication (MA).

''I am humbled for all my teachers & life lessons I have encountered so far and my capacity to increasingly appreciate my reality.'' - Founder ANN


All of Conscious Corner projects contribute to ecosystem regeneration and social support in communities in Kenya and Nicaragua.

 Vital Actions  & 4 Kenya

Africa retreat.png

There is no such thing as an irrelevant action. All you choose today -consciously or unconsciously, contributes to the world we see tomorrow.

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