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Conscious Corner BY ANN translates the vision of a more connected and compassionate world into life. 

 CC offers a foundational framework for a  world where we can care for ourselves, others and our Mother earth.

It's a space to embody your birthright of freedom and choice ...  Are you ready? Now is the time to trust  your inner wisdom.

''I am humbled for all my teachers & life lessons I have encountered so far (even - & especially the difficult ones), who inspired me along the way to see and embrace my own light.'' - ANN.

All of Conscious Corner projects contribute to ecosystem regeneration.  I support trusted partners that I have met personally and do priceless work in regeneration / conservation.

My greatest hero and inspiration being Tim Rusmisel

from Vital Actions. 

Africa retreat.png

There is no such thing as an irrelevant action. All you put out today, contributes to the world we see tomorrow.

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