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'' Conscious Corner classes and programs for physical, mental/emotional and spiritual  freedom'.'

Join the online group sessions in the 'Community Membership' or the unique '1 - on - 1' Magic Membership' .

'' Connect to your higher Self and be your own guide and teacher. ''
 ♡ Weekly live classes to enable and establish a sustainable connection to yourSelf and pre-recorded -monthly- morning and evening practices.

♡ Unlimited access to over 200 qualitative video recordings -per category- that suit any moment and mood.

Yin yoga, Hatha yoga, conscious meditations, energy healings, breathing techniques & spiritual / personal development sessions.

Yoga by Ann Schreppers

♡ Flexible payment options 
For user agreements see Smart Conditions (contact below)
♡ Give back to social & environmental causes.



'' It was the best decision ever to have a monthly private coaching talk with you because you have a gift to feel me and to say the right words. ''


Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and to be part of my growth. Your soul sister Sofie.

 I offer online exclusive 1-on-1 'Spiritual Support' Journeys -as well as  Custom Retreat Journeys- aimed at complete




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'Magical Membership'

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