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Are you looking for a Yoga Teacher Training that takes the relationship with yourself and the world to the next level?

A transformative training that enriches your life with

confidence, compassion and courage ?

All our Yoga Teacher Trainings focus on self-love as a driving force to uplift yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A Yoga Teacher Training the foundation to build a sustainable relationship with yourself and the world around you.  At this moment I host two YTT's a year

♥ In Portugal with the talented Sara Montes of Gaya Immersions (October 13 - November 4, 2023

♥ In Nicaragua at Costa Dulce School of Yoga with the gifted Monica Munguia and Ruth Singbeil (April 2024)


* All the 200 hour training are certified by Yoga Alliance US.  

Video shot during the 2022 training in Nicaragua.

April - May 2024♥

Costa Dulce, Nicaragua


Join us for a 23 day immersive journey in Nature, and experience the healing benefits of the yoga lifestyle in our 'natural and healing' bubble.

In this Yoga Teacher Training, you are the teacher and your heart is the compass. We share tools with you, but mostly we hold space for you, to experience the true bliss of self-acceptance and exploration.

We believe that every single person, and every single event has meaning in the unique and beautiful journey of our life.


Therefore, we enrich your physical experience of yoga wisdom, with the 'true yoga' of compassion, discernment and conscious connection to yourself, others and the planet.

This is a Hatha / Vinyasa yoga training, with respect to tradition and history of yoga and other, healing practices around the globe.

Our yoga teacher & lifestyle training is accessible to different practice levels, whether you aspire teaching or not. We value motivation over everything, so please get in touch for a personal call and to receive more practical details.

your lead trainers,

Monica, Ruth & Ann

Your journey into expansion
teacher training

Self-development & personal growth + expansion.

Integration of yoga into your life.

Solid foundation of Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga with introduction to other styles.

Kundalini, Yin, Nidra & complementary practices.

Balance yin & yang qualities and return to your natural state of homeostasis and peace in body and mind.


Small group training with individualised & therapeutic approach. 

Toolbox for personal / professional empowerment.

Introduction to various healing practices and understanding of the alignment of the (meta)physical body. 

Immersion into nature to connect to your potential.

Awareness for social & environmental responsibility.



Monica Munguia
Ann Schreppers
& Ruth Singbeil

Monica believes yoga is a tool of transformation. By reuniting body, breath, and mind, we can move beyond the past, social conditioning, unconscious habit patterns, limiting beliefs, and our small separate sense of self in order to rediscover our true nature. 

Read more about Monica here

Ruth's passion for teaching yoga is to guide others into greater awareness of the mind, body, breath connection. Ruth takes value in reading the room, teaching intuitively, while still keeping an organized flow that is inviting to all levels.  

Ann is a lifelong dancer and bodyworker.  She is passionate about expression and her mission is to raise awareness and conscious leadership on our planet through yoga. She believes that the journey of Yoga is about remembering (y)our unlimited inherent potential whilst embracing life’s unlimited possibilities to create and grow. 

Your trainers have been teaching full time worldwide for nearly a decade


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