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In 2024 Conscious Corner hosts an educational project for Community Health workers in Kenya. At Yoga4Kenya, we  introduce the science and practice of bodywork & breath / nervous system regulation to youth and measure its impact on acute stress levels, self-esteem & emotional resilience.  


Support us in this pilot project to institutionalise consciousness & develop pillars for a society anchored in self-awareness, compassion and courage. 

In collaboration with Kenya School for Integrated Medicine in Kwale, Kenya. 

Research supported by Marie-Anne Vanderhasselt, professor at the University of Gent (Belgium).

About the project 'Yoga4Kenya'

Spirituality as the key to societal change

Together we bridge science & practice and unite beyond differences through a shared wish for personal, social and environmental wellbeing. Yoga4Kenya is an educational platform to embrace and embody care of ourselves, our community and our planet through awareness.

social justice

Education for transformation

Knowledge is the key to empowerment, as intentional change starts with awareness and motivation.

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